This is what CAMRA is doing in February and March

  • Wed 8th Feb – Idle: New Inn 7.30, White Bear, White Swan.
  • Wed 13th Feb – Cider POTY Presentation, Fighting Cock, 7.30
  • Wed 20th Feb – Branch meeting at the New Beehive, Bradford 7.30
  • Wed 27th Feb – Bradford Beer Festival. Members’ evening at Victoria Hall from 7.30.
  • Wed 6th Mar – Pub of the Season at Chip n Ern, Bingley. 8.00
  • Wed 13th Mar – Shipley: Beehive 7.30, Hulabaloo
  • Wed 20th Mar – Branch Meeting, Brown Cow, Bingley 7.30
  • Wed 27th Mar – Wrose: Bold Privateer 7.30, Wrose Bull

About the author

I am the webmaster for Bradford CAMRA. Many of the articles have been written by someone else from Bradford CAMRA. All Copyright belongs to the original author. To join CAMRA visit

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