Now that the nonsense that is “Dry-anuary” has been and gone and CAMRA’s AGM and Members Weekend has concluded, it‘s time to focus on the forthcoming campaigning activities to support real ale, cider and perry. A number of events have recently been announced by CAMRA for 2019 and you can show your support in the Bradford Branch area whether you are a member or not…and, if not, have you seen the membership application form at the back of Tyke Taverner?

Mild May

The month for supporting all things mild is here again. Everyone is encouraged to participate by visiting pubs and trying the mild ales on offer…there’s more variety then you may think! If there aren’t any available at the pub you visit, ask the owner/landlord/bar manager why not and let them know about the campaign. Tell your friends about the wonders of mild and encourage them to try it too!

May Cider Promotion

For those not so keen on mild, why not show your support for real cider and perry instead? May is the time of year when the new batches mature and become available. It’s also the time of the year when the weather becomes warmer and people may be more inclined to drink a nice refreshing, thirst-quenching drink. Everyone is encouraged to visit pubs and try the real ciders and perries on offer. If there aren’t any available at the pub you visit, ask the owner/landlord/bar manager why not and see if you can convince them to start stocking it. Tell your friends about the wonders of real cider and perry and encourage them to try it too! You could even test their knowledge by asking them to sample a range of drinks and seeing if they can tell whether it is cider or perry and if it is dry, medium or sweet.

Beer Day Britain (Saturday 15 Jun 2019)

The idea of “Beer Day Britain” is simple – to drink beer, preferably in a pub! The focus of the day is the national “Cheers to Beer” at 7pm. All you have to do is raise your glass, say “Cheers to Beer” and post your celebration on social media with the #CheerstoBeer hashtag. There are also other ways to celebrate including:
• Organising social events, such as, brewery trips and ale trails.
• Tell others about “Beer Day Britain” and encourage them to take part.
• Inform local pubs of the event and ask them to organise activities in celebration.
• Speak with your local brewer and ask if they can produce a special beer for the event.

Cask Ale Week (19-29 Sep 2019)

This 10-day event is being promoted by Red Flame Communications, working with Cask Marque, and is supported by CAMRA. As with “Beer Day Britain”, the idea is to support real ale by visiting pubs and experiencing the fantastic beer scene. You can also show your support in other ways, such as:
• Organising a “Cask Ale Week” ale trail, brewery trip or beer quiz.
• Asking local pubs and breweries to host “Cask Ale Week” events.
• Invite a brewer and beer writer/expert to host a tutored tasting event.
• Tell others about “Cask Ale Week” and encourage them to take part.
• Contact Tyke Taverner or the local newspaper or TV/radio station and advertise an event you have organised to support “Cask Ale Week”.

Of course, in addition to the above, you can also show your support for real ale, cider and perry by drinking it all year round!

Peter D. Down
Campaigns Officer
CAMRA – Bradford Branch

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