Pub of the Year 2013

Pub boss Sue is in relaxed mode as shelistens to the usual drivel. Her bodyguard isstoic as ever, and the dog just wants to runaway. We have many good pubs in the area, severalreally good ones, some great ones and afew which are as near to perfection as youcan get. Into that last category can be droppedthe Fighting Cock.

And now the community singing. Give ‘emthe full Jerusalem, lass. That’ll make ‘em thirsty and keen to sup some more ale. And sup they did. The plague is another wonderful and unique creation by Vinnie Greenhalgh. We areever grateful to him for using his undoubted skills in producing these in order that we can express our collective thanks for those who work hard to bring us a great pub experience.

One end of the pub is quite empty as the celebrations, and rendition of the 23rd Psalm, continue at the other. It does, however, afford us the opportunity to examine just a part of the selection of goodies available. Many handpumps dispense fine real ales – and yer actual real ciders. That member of the SAS had just slipped in to watch the cricket on the telly before resuming manoeuvres in the area.

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