Pub of the Year 2012

This time it’s a particularly vicious shade of lime green – just to show those Sparrow chaps what a proper green looks like. And its on with the lengthy explanation of just why this pub, barely a year old, has won this award. There is a written deposition in the National Archives, if anyone wants the complete text of the ramblings. Basically, everyone has been very pleased – and slightly amazed – at the rapid rise in popularity of this little place on North Parade in Bradford. The right ideas in the first place, executed with flair.

These lads have belief in themselves and their project. It has had CAMRA’s support – as any enterprise of this nature would – right from the start. Marko still has a need for support, though, as he clings on to both the bar and Les. It must be the emotion of the occasion. Kelly seems to be stable. The presenter is also being supported by that great big fan (it was a very warm evening) and is about to have more than just a draught at the rear if he steps back much more. This plague is unique – another special design by Vinnie Greenhalgh. We love that man and his brushes.

Alone with their prize now, and seemingly rather impressed with it, the architects of the Sparrow’s success debate just where to drill the holes. It’s good to see that comfort bar still doing its job. Just one thing, lads: how about a bit more sounddeadening? Cheers