We were greedy this year – having two up-runners at Pub of the Year time. Blessed as we are with many really good pubs, it’s no surprise that two of them were beaten into second place by not much at all. And that their scores were equal. So, no play-off, no penalties, no argument: sod the expense, we’ll have another one made up. Well, it’s the thought that counts.

It’s hard to know what Sue was thinking at the presentation to the Fighting Cock, but it has clearly amused her. It could have been the fumbling attempts of that bloke again, of course.

What a trooper: she’s still cheerful. Eyup, is that more bar-leaning spreading across town? Some of the spectators seem to be stunned into silence, others to be wiping away tears. Of joy, most certainly. The Fighting Cock is another of our pubs ploughing its own furrow in the cause of real ale and cider. The plough girl is doing a fine job, and we salute her and her team. So that’s another first for Bradford CAMRA: an award for agricultural operatives. Just wait and see what we do next..

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