…And this time the Bradford branch has chosen the Fighting Cock to lead the flag flying for real ale in the city. Along with a couple more pubs hereabouts, the Fighting Cock has won this award several times over many years, but that does not diminish either the pub’s achievement or the value of the award. In fact, it strengthens the feeling that we have some truly good pubs in the area, and that the competition for being one of the four POTS per year is probably stronger than ever.

Here we see Paul, Charlie and Sue contemplating the need for more wall space, while plague presenter Tony considers the need to buy Sue a bigger box to stand on. Also, he can’t reach his beer on the bar. Get a move on, photographer. Please!

Obviously refreshed after access to his ale, Tony displays a much better mood during the Sue strangling ceremony. The others enjoy it too, but are much too polite to laugh out loud. If any reader has never been to the Fighting Cock, the obvious question to ask is: Why so?

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