Pub of the Season for the George at Cullingworth. Ramrod Tony stands back to give the glory to Chris and Jo, only to dislodge the light fittings. Hang on, somebody looks pleased in the background there. Come forward, young man.

What’s the odds he’s a relative?

These banners are quite heavy, as is evident in Chris’s pained expression. He’s obviously been hard at work brewing that day, as well as trying to keep the supply of beer on line for the many attendees this night.

A couple of exbranch chairmen chew over the success of the event. Conclusion: A Good do.

They came from all over, and stared in all directions. One even came all the way from Denholme. It must be the ‘tache attracting the ladies. No? Is it money? Surely not, it’s pure charisma. We do like the clock balancing act.

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