The Queen’s Head in Burley in Wharfedale Is the other half of the branch’s tribute to good pubs in the outlying districts.

The Queen’s is another pub with a chequered past (but we know there are thousands in the same situation, don’t we?), and another one now being steered steadily to success, this time by Simon and John.

Simon is seen here receiving the plague from Robbo, as John was busy in the kitchen (more pies, please).

This picture is really only here to show Robbo’s fine pins.

John now emerges from the kitchen, puts down the pies*, and poses with the plague and Anna Iles.

Anna is the lads’ favourite customer, they affirm, as well as being a / the local seamstress.

We now know, as a result of her actions, that she is also a qualified plague pincher. Running up the main street with that work of fine art under her arm caused no end of consternation. Once the pies had been eaten.

*Actually he left the pies on a table; other people put them down. With relish.

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