So we all rolled up to the Fox one evening, enjoyed the ale and the snap. Words were said, others were forgotten, thanks were given, praise was lavished. You get the picture. Albert Einstein was invited but was unable to accept, owing to a previous long-standing engagement. However, he did make a humorous contribution via a video link. The best thing on telly all week, some said.

Chris Bee has the place under his control, or so he says. Be that as it may, it is one of these new ventures which presses most of the right beer-drinker’s buttons. It has only been open a year or so, but has made its mark in an improving Shipley and Saltaire real ale scene. It’s not a big place but it does cram in a fine selection of desirable drinks. There is also a magnificent garden / patio / yard / to the rear, if a bit bijou, and a very accommodating wide walkway to the front. The attentive crowd were just waiting for all the nonsense with the plague to end before finishing off those pasties, pies and things. So shut up and get off.

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