As befits a pub, being one of the very few to have a chapel in the back yard, we have a call to prayer.

It might not be obvious, but Juanita and Paul Kearns – who run the pub – had just got back from a holiday somewhere warm and sunny. So it’s only right that their award should be for Summer 2013.

Who says we don’t get out much? This is outside. Well, only just, but we managed it. Juanita and Paul are joined by a few devotees. Who gets the job of hanging up the banner then? Actually, a team was standing by with ladders, string, nails, screws, rawlplugs, hammers, and enthusiasm. But not a risk assessment in sight.

Animated conversation: it must be about the excellence of the beer. But do these people realise that the world outside has turned monochrome? Just don’t turn around and look through that window.

A point of information: The annual Baildon Beer Festival is held, usually in May, in the Moravian Chapel towards the rear of the Bulls Head. Double the reason to go now?

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