Pub of the Season – Spring 2014

What has happened here is remarkable. In keeping with so many pubs, the Jacobs was unviable when run under the Big Pubco Business Model. It closed / opened / closed: the usual story. No hope for it, it seemed, this old world beacon in a modern architectural landscape at that side of the city centre was doomed. Step forward the Wagstaffs and their magic wand. Christine is in charge of what is now a privately-owned public house. It doesn’t open Sundays and Mondays at present, but the achievement is still a most worthy one.

She seems happy enough when receiving the plague. Some of the staff are clearly equally chuffed, but one fails to multi-task and is unable to unfurl the banner.

Never fear: let a woman in on the job and it’s sorted out in no time. The Jacobs was one of the last Beer Houses in the city and these days specialises in a varying range of real ales – always with something dark to tempt the palate. Add to this some real ciders, a significant collection of Continental bottled beers, and some home-cooked food…

What’s not to like?

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