The Corn Dolly, Bolton Road, Bradford has long been a favourite of many real ale drinkers in the area. Some will hardly ever go anywhere else – and they might have a point. When all around there has been turmoil, the Dolly has remained steady.
(“Steady” is used in many copyrighted forms in this pub, by the way.)

Resolute – that’s the word. Reliable – that’s another. Why change a perfect formula?

Always with an interesting range of beers, and nowadays always a dark one, and always a place for great value for the simple-but-lovely lunches. That’s a lot of alwayses (?) but it has always been a good pub.

(That’s another one; this must stop.)

Pictured above we have branch Chair, Christine, sharing the joy with Kay, Anthony and Neil. Anthony is expecting to be given much more responsibility soon, seeing as his dad has been promoted to Abbot.

That plague will join the many others on the walls of this fine pub. Something else to dust.

If you haven’t been to the Dolly yet: why ever not?

It’s a bit too much for some. That’s a handy fireplace pillar to lean against, and it comes complete with special bells to waken the sleeper when the time comes to go / buy another drink / make a point of order.

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