Yes, we do like these. It gives branch members an opportunity to recognise publicans who are working so hard to provide their customers with a good experience as well as good ale.

CAMRA members, especially when active within a branch, do tend to get about a bit, seeing what’s going on, updating databases, and even enjoying themselves. Hard to believe, but true.

This time the recipient pub is the Station Hotel, Harecroft. You will look in vain for a railway station these days, or even a railway line, but that won’t stop this fine little pub keeping locals and visitors alike warm and cosy with good beer to hand.

Chairman Brian presented the obligatory plague to Lorraine and Jimmy. And it barely interrupted the active appreciation of the ale.

The new apprentice cellarman was roped in to oversee (undersee?) the unveiling of the banner, now bravely facing the winter weather on the outside of the pub. That’s the banner fastened to the wall, by the way, just in case anyone thought that Harecroft does not care for its nippers.

It’s worth the effort to reach this pub, which is situated between Wilsden and Cullingworth. There is a bus service so there’s no excuse.

Jimmy and Lorraine keep an eye on the telly as the football scores come in, and offer a pint in the hope that the Mighty Bantams have done it again. Quiz question: Exactly when was this presentation made?

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