Pub of the Season – Autumn 2015

It’s Pub of the Season time again. Honestly, it seems like every few weeks we do one of these things. Any way up, this time it’s the Record Cafe on North Parade. This is one of the new breed of little pubs (is it a micro? A definition, anyone?) and was conceived and set up by the now-famous Keith Wildman. Keith is the one in the picture with the darker beard, The one with the slightly lighter facial hair is our own tame jockster, Kerr Kennedy.

This pub was opened in November 2014 and added considerably to
the North Parade drinking scene. Oh, we do have to call it the Independence Quarter now, naturally. A splendid feature of the pub’s offering is that of genuine Jamon Iberico and similar ham-like goodies. Add to that lot some stunning cheeses and stuff, and the place itself even sounds tasty.

Then there’s a stack of vinyl records for sale upstairs, of course.

Get the whole crew out, Keith, and try to make ‘em smile. Ah well, maybe next time, eh?

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