First up, it’s a well-deserved Pub of the Season award to the Corn Dolly, Bolton Road, Bradford.

Neil seems wary of wet paint on the plague. Mind you, so does that other chap. And Kay’s keeping well back, too. Probably keeping an eye on the bubbling of the magnificent chilli we were all to share later. If one of those coats at the back is yours, you have already won a prize: some grey hairs on it, we wouldn’t wonder. Such is the competition in and around the city these days, it’s been some time since this scene has been seen. But it won’t be the last.

Having administered to the needs of that feisty chilli, Kay is back where she belongs. Issuing instructions? Tell you what, you can always rely on a local councillor to turn up when photos are being taken. No, he’s not the one in orange. There must be an election coming up. No, you were welcome, Geoff, to add some gravitas to the occasion. We can’t have everybody smiling, can we? Not many places get the very special “Pub of Seaso” award. To be fair, the Corn Dolly has won many things over the years, so this is all there is left.

We’re a happy bunch in Bradford CAMRA, and no mistake. Of course it could be the beer. Or that chortling chilli. Did we mention the pie and peas? Now that the paint has dried on that bespoke plague, we can only watch with delight as Neil struggles to find wall space for it – in amongst all the others. Peter and Anita (Neil’s parents) deserve a mention for all they did to bring the pub up to the high standard that Neil and Kay are maintaining. A good do.

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