It had to happen. The Sparrow making it to the top table of Bradford pubs. This little place has not been open for too long, yet has gained an enviable reputation and plenty of customers in short order. For those yet to try it, it can be found on North Parade near the centre of the city.

In keeping with the modern idiom, the pub saves its owners’ brass by not having carpets or curtains to clean. The downstairs area is cosy and less frenetic than the ground floor. And the beer is rather good.

Tony in full song. Looking wistfully at Chairman Tony, Mark calmly accepts the praise without flinching. What a hero. Les, however, is simply rapt and in some form of trance. (There was some heroic work behind the bar that night, as well.)
Hang on, is that a speech in there? Let’s try beat it out of him. Sadly, no amount of pummelling of the spine would loosen the wordy logjam. So that good old smile will have to do for now. Call them to order, Les, please.
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