Outer Bradford Pub of the Year 2018

Well, well, it’s the Flying Duck in Ilkley, winning our “district” POTY. Nicely deserved, and well organised too, bearing in mind the sunshine which was laid on for free (and on a weekend too).

Back a bit. Back a bit.

The presentation and plague hand-over was another job for Christine,
and on the rooftop this time. Those fine chaps seem to appreciate being
asked to stare into the sun for several minutes, proving that photochromatic lenses do work.

Roof inspection over. Back to the beer.

Lesser mortals were content to sup the lovely beer and doze. Perhaps
we need to do it again, and stay awake this time.

This place, of course, is home to Wharfedale Brewery (tours by appointment; modest charge) and its products form about half what is
available on the bar downstairs.

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