Bradford Branch’s Club of the Year this time is the Burley Social Club. Until recent years the official title for this establishment was the Burley-in-Wharfedale Miniature Rifle and Social Club. A catchy title for sure, always reduced to t’Rifle Club.

This is a well-run club with at least two real ales on the bar. The usual club amenities are there for its members: weekend entertainment, snooker table, games machines and so on. On the Saturday of the presentation there was to be a gin night. We did not stay for that.

Josie presents the necessary plague to stewardess Tammy. Yes, she always has a bodyguard present.

“Get together the important members who run the place,” we said. So here we have president John, David, secretary Jean, Roman, Tammy, Mark, Margaret and Rob. There were many other supremely photogenic members wanting to be part of this, but a line had to be drawn.

“Draw it in the car park,” we said, and quickly took the pictures while they were busy with the chalk.

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