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Club of the Year 2018

Bradford Branch’s Club of the Year this time is the Burley Social Club. Until recent years the official title for this establishment was the Burley-in-Wharfedale Miniature Rifle and Social Club. A catchy title for sure, always reduced to t’Rifle Club. This is a well-run club with at least two real ales on the bar. The usual club amenities are there for its members: weekend entertainment, snooker table, games […]

Outer Bradford Pub of the Year 2018

Well, well, it’s the Flying Duck in Ilkley, winning our “district” POTY. Nicely deserved, and well organised too, bearing in mind the sunshine which was laid on for free (and on a weekend too). The presentation and plague hand-over was another job for Christine,and on the rooftop this time. Those fine chaps seem to appreciate beingasked to stare into the sun for several minutes, proving that photochromatic lenses do work. Lesser mortals were content to […]

Cider Pub of the Year 2018 & Pub of the Year 2018 Runner up

Jacobs Beer House won the Cider POTY, while finishing a runner-up in the Bradford POTY. The plague was presented by branch chairman (and regional cider co-ordinator) Christine Jane. Yes, the same person. Also involved were bar oiks Colin and Dan.  They need their moment in the spotlight just like anyone else. Christine doing the necessary. Part of Jacob’s Wall of Cider. Nicely in balance there.

Pub of the Year 2018 & Cider Pub of the Year 2018 Runner Up

Competition co-ordinator, Peter Down, presents the plague to Sue Turner, licensee. This one was really posed for the Telegraph & Argus, but it’s a nice smiley one (almost, Peter) and worthy of publishing here. Most Bradford members know and appreciate the Fighting Cock, and the changing range of real ale always on offer there. Many discerning drinkers in the city know that too. Many years in […]

Pub of the Year 2018 – Runner Up

The Fox in Shipley has been there or thereabouts for quite some time. Consistency personified Currently in the position of chairing the Bradford branch, Christine finallylets go of the plague, safely into the hands of Tabitha Bowman, backedup by Madeline Wilson. Branch member Kerr Kennedy celebrates the event with a song or two. The audience is absolutely ecstatic. Or is that “stunned”?

Pub of the Year 2017

Bradford CAMRA has chosen its Pub of the Year for 2017, and the award goes to the Record Cafe Bar, situated on North Parade Here we see owner Keith Wildman warming up a beer while our Campaigns Officer, Kerr Kennedy, asks everyone to swear allegiance to real ale. Being a bit Scottish, Kerr must have been misunderstood as most of […]

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