These are the beers so far confirmed for the Festival.  Amendments will be posted as we get them.

Unfined beers suitable for vegans are marked UF

Cask Ales        
 Name Location Beer Name ABV Unfined
Livingston Talisman 4.10%
Alechemy Damona 5.30%
Ripley IPA 6.50%
Amber Amber Rogue 4.30%
Cummertrees, Dumfriesshire Wee Willy Wonky 4.20%
Andrews Supus Lupus 3.60%
Ashover, Derbyshire Moscow 9.50%
Ashover M Gyle 1000 7.40%
Baildon Sir Titus Salt Ale 4.00%
Baildon Highlights IPA 4.50%
Cowdenbeath Are You With Me 4.50%
Beath Mad World tbc
Shipley Clocktower porter 5.40%
Beespoke Plan Bee 3.80%
Wilsden Session IPA 4.20%
Bingley Heys Gold 4.20%
Bradford Coal Porter 4.80%
Bradford Brewery Malton Comet 4.30% UF
Brass Castle Black Russian 7.00% UF
Livingston Luxury IPA 4.10%
Edinbrew Super Stout 4.50%
Slaithwaite Sonar 4.30%
Empire Porter 4.70%
Wakefield Nelson IPA 5.10%
Fernandes Fintry, Glasgow Meikle Bin 4.10%
Fintry Stronend Black IPA 3.90% UF
Isle of Whithorn Wee McAsh Bitter 4.50%
Five Kingdoms Auf Wiedersehen Pet 5.30%
Wakefield Hello Space Boy 3.90%
Five Towns Blackout 8.80%
Peebles Winter Bank 4.50%
Freewheelin’ Stout 4.30%
Wirksworth, Derbyshire Jailbreak 4.50%
Gaol No Prisoners 5.70%
Baildon Reaper 4.40%
Ghost Hemsworth SmokeStacks 5.20%
Hamelsworde Hemsworth Challenger 4.00%
Bingley Pale Ale 4.80%
Hedge Row Sweet Michael 5.60%
Dronfield, Derbyshire The Mark 3.50%
Hopjacker Biére de Garde 7.40%
Ilkley Dinner Ale 3.30%
Ilkley Tribus Lupulus v2.0 4.40%
Hanging Stone 5.00%
Crossroads 5.40%
Mexborough If Tha Brexit Tha Fixes It 4.30%
Imperial /James & Kirkman Stout Wi Nowt Tekken Owt 6.00%
Imperial Pontefract Maid Marian Mild 3.80%
James & Kirkman Triple Chocolate Stout 5.60%
John O’ Groats Swelkie 4.00%
John O’ Groats Riccall, N. Yorks Jolly Stout 4.00%
Jolly Sailor Jolly Gold 3.90%
Baildon Golden Splendour 3.80%
Junction Glasgow Fly Half 4.60%
Kelburn Sunriser 3.40%
Red Smiddy 4.10%
Cart Blanche 5.00%
Leeds Three Swords 4.50%
Kirkstall Dissolution IPA 5.00%
Inception IPA 6.20%
Black Band 5.50%
Cumbernauld Mr. Beast, Red Rye Ale – 5.00%
Lawman Eldritch 6.00%
Carlton, N Yorks India Pale Ale 3.90%
Little Black Dog Altbier 4.20%
Golcar Tithe House Bitter – 3.90%
Lords Mount Helix West Coast Pale Ale – 5.00%
Liversedge Panther Ale 4.00%
Mill Valley The Dukes IPA 4.00%
Burnley Stray Dog 4.20%
Moorhouses IPA 4.30%
Dinting, Derbyshire Cursed Stones 3.40%
Mouselow Act the Goat 3.70%
Leeds IPA 6.10%
Nomadic Beers Best bitter – 4.40%
Cullingworth One for T’road 3.90%
Old Spot Spot Czech 4.30%
Ossett Willow 4.00%
Ossett Bakewell Noggin Filler 5.00%
Peak Ales IPA 6.00%
Huddersfield Rat’ll Be the Day 5.50%
Rat Castleford Hex IPA 6.00%
Revolutions Severina Vienna Lager 5.00%
Marsden Luna Bea 4.50%
Riverhead New Mills, Derbyshire Back to the Future 4.00% UF
Rock Mill Orangeytang 4.30% UF
Bradford Spectre Stout 4.50%
Salamander Periwinkle Porter 4.80%
Shipley Decennium 4.60%
Saltaire Stout No.5 4.20%
Stateside IPA 6.00%
Citra Pale 4.20%
Derby Happy People 4.20% UF
Shiny Rocket 7.00% UF
Shelley Winter Bank 4.00%
Small World Forres Findhorn Killer IPA 5.60%
Speyside Dark Sky Stout 4.00%
Edinburgh Copper Cascade 4.10%
Stewart Cross the Line 4.10%
Strathaven Usquebae 7.00%
Strathaven Teuchter 5.00%
Leeds Dusk 4.50%
Sunbeam Born in LS11 5.10%
Helios 5.80%
Orkney Dark Munro 4.00%
Swannay Scapa Special 4.20%
Bakewell Rattle Snake 6.50%
Thornbridge Crackendale 5.20%
Keighley Knowle Spring Blonde 4.20%
Timothy Taylor’s Dark Mild 3.50%
Golden Best 3.50%
Wakefield Indian Pale Ale 4.80%
Tigertops Union Pacific Class 4.90%
Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gone A’Rye 4.20%
Tollgate Red Storm 4.20%
New Mills, Derbyshire Test for Echo 5.00% UF
Torrside Combat Rock 4.50% UF
Ilkley IPA 5.50%
Wharfedale Keighley Lunar Zenith 3.70%
Wishbone Schwartz IPA 4.10%
Leeds Snap Dog 5.70%
Whippet Little Curre 5.20%
Lossiemouth 1806 5.00%
Windswept Clavie 5.50%
Nairn Blonde 4.00%
WooHa Porter 5.00%
International Draught Beers      
Brewery Location Name Style ABV
De Molen Bodegraven, Netherlands Vuur & Vlam IPA 6.20%
Amarillo Imperial IPA 9.20%
BrouweriJ Kees Middelburg, Netherlands Anniverary #2 Quadrupel 11.30%
Caramel Fudge Stout Imperial Stout 11.50%
Het Uiltje  Haarlem, Netherlands Propvol Goede Vooremens Berry Weizen 4.60%
Pivovar Bernard  Humpolec, Czech Rep Unfiltered Pilsner Pilsner 5%
Schneider Weisse  Kelheim, Germany Aventinus 8.20%
Flying Dog Maryland,  USA White Peach Saison Fruit Saison 5.90%
Firestone Walker California, USA Pale 31 American Pale Ale 4.90%
Dry & Bitter Gørløse  Denmark Citra Bale IPA 4.50%
Bavik-De Brabandere Harelbeke, Belgium Petrus Aged Pale Sour 7.30%


Abrahalls (Bishops Frome, Herefordshire)

Thundering Molly, Medium (5.2%)

.Broadoak (Clutton Hill, Somerset)

Moonshine, Medium/Sweet (7.5%)

Grumpy John’s Cider (Shipley, West Yorks)

Dry, (6% abv)

Gwatkin (Abbey Dore, Herefordshire)

Kingston Black, Medium (6.5%)

Gwynt y Ddraig (Pontypridd, Glamorgan,


Celtic Warrior, Sweet (5.5%)

Hecks (Street, Somerset)

Kingston Black, Medium (6.5%)

Hogans (Alcester, Warwickshire)

Panking Pole, Dry (6.2%)

Hurst View (Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire)

Dry (6%)

Oliver’s (Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire)

Medium (6%)

Rich’s (Highbridge, Somerset)

Legbender, Medium (6%)

Snailsbank (Bishops Frome, Herefordshire)

Tumbledown, Medium (5.2%)

Wilkins (Mudgley, Wedmore, Somerset)

Medium (6%)

Winkleigh (Winkleigh, Devon)

Sams, Sweet (6%)


Broadoak (Clutton Hill, Somerset)

Premium Perry, Medium/Sweet (7.5% abv)

Gwatkins (Abbey Dore, Herefordshire)

Farmhouse Perry, Medium (7.0%)

Ross on Wye (Broome Farm, Peterstow,


Perry, Medium (6.0%)

Gwynt y Ddraig (Pontypridd, Glamorgan,


Two Trees, Medium (4.5%)

Fruit Wine

This year we are pleased to have a

selection of traditionally made fruit

wines from Skinningrove Country

Wines based in the old ironstonemining

village of Skinningrove on

the North Yorkshire coast. All the

wines are hand made

Apple (12%)

Dry white

Elderflower (13%)

Medium/dry white

Gooseberry & elderflower (14%)

Medium/dry white

Parsnip (15%)

Medium white

Raspberry & redcurrant (13%)

Dry Rose

Blackberry & elderberry (13%)

Smooth dryish red

Cherry (14%)

Medium red