Bradford Beer Festival 2017

Bradford Beer Festival 2017

Victoria Hall, Saltaire, Shipley

Thanks to everyone who attended Bradford Beer Festival 2017.  We welcomed around 3000 visitors who consumed over 10,500 pints of wonderful cask ales, 800 pints of cider and loads of international beers.  The Festival was staffed by 130 CAMRA volunteers, without whom the it just wouldn’t happen.  We hope that everyone enjoyed their visit and we have already booked Victoria Hall for 22 – 24 February 2018.  Put the dates in your diary now!

By popular vote of customers, the Beers of the Festival are as follows:

Mild                                                                      Ilkley Dinner Ale

Bitter 3,6 – 4,0%                                           Five Towns Hello Space Boy

Best Bitter 4,1 – 4,5%                                Timothy Taylor Knowle Spring Blonde

Porter / Stout                                                Salamander Spectre Stout

Premium Ale 4,6 – 5,0%                        Kelburn Cart Blanche

Strong Ale above 5,0%                            Five Towns Blackout

Overall Beer of the Festival                Timothy Taylor Knowle Spring Blonde

Congratulations to all of the above.


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  • Come on guys! Says details of ticketing on website in last issue of What’s Brewing but there’s nothing of any use. Not leaving much time if you want tickets for Friday evening session by post.
    Always had details by now previously so what’s changed ?
    I can’t remember the 1st festival I attended & don’t intend to miss this one.

    • Apologies, I have only just received further details today. I know the organizers are extremely busy at the moment.

      EDIT: Details are now up

      Many thanks

  • Hi Dummy that I am I have forgotten my two tickets. Travelled from Newark. Will I be able to get in Sat lunchtime on the door ?

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