Good Beer Guide 2020 Nominations

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Good Beer Guide 2020 Nominations


  • Only members of Bradford Branch of CAMRA are eligible to submit nominations.
  • Only pubs within the Bradford branch area are eligible for nomination, our area can be seen here
  • A maximum of 20 pubs are to be nominated by each person.
  • Pubs to be nominated should consistently serve real ale of good quality and in excellent condition at all times.
  • To demonstrate a sufficient period of providing good quality real ale, pubs that were opened after 30th June 2018 are not eligible for nomination.
  • The pubs with the most number of votes will be submitted for GBG 2020 (subject to ratification at the branch meeting in February).
  • The maximum number of pubs that the branch can submit for the Good Beer Guide is determined by CAMRA.
  • For pub selection criteria, see below the form

Pub Selection Criteria

Primary Criterion:

  • The pub should consistently serve ale of good quality and in excellent condition at all times.

The above shall be taken to mean consistent beer quality over a full year.

Other CAMRA Criteria to be Considered:

  • The pub should comply with the approved beer dispense methods detailed in the CAMRA Internal Policy Document (see attached copy of Appendix 1).
  • Branches are to give preference to pubs using oversized, lined glasses wherever pubs of equal status are considered for GBG entry.
  • Branches may include outlets in the GBG that are not pubs.
  • Will the licensee still be in the pub when that edition of the GBG is published?

Other Considerations:

  • Real cider and perry.
  • Welcome / friendliness of staff.
  • Presentation / cleanliness.
  • Food.
  • History of the pub / establishment.
  • Architecture.
  • Support for the community.
  • Pub garden.
  • Accommodation

The principle selection criterion is, and should always be, beer quality. The other factors should only be an influencing factor if there is a related impact to beer quality (for example, a change of landlord) or if further selection is required to meet the maximum permitted number of submissions for the Good Beer Guide.

Extract from CAMRA Internal Policy Document 2017-18

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